Before the earth was removed

Before the earth was removed

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wildlife on Top of The Gallery

Hello Readers,
It is Wednesday August 15th.
Jenna wanted a picture taken of the gallery for everyone to see what growth has taken place since the big dig on Memorial Day. Michelle De Lash, and then Jenna's friend in the middle from Burlington, Vermont and Jenna on the right (but she is sort of hidden with the light). These ladies  give you the scale of how tall the plants have grown!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gallery today, August 2, 2012

The first photo with Jenna painting the steps in time for the tour of the gallery for the group from
Cape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative was taken on July 12, 2012.

This photo was taken today, August 2, 2012.  Notice how the chimneys do not show because of all the growth that has taken place since the earth was put back on Memorial Day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Memorial Day Big Dig on The Gallery Roof

 Dear Readers,
Memorial Day was a perfect day for the gallery dig where over 30 people came together to help me put earth back on the gallery I rented a Bobcat that Jenna Halloran, Jon Soghomonian, Eliot Wells and Ollie Solmitz operated. Here I am trying to operate a wheel barrow.
Michelle De Lash cooked for the whole gang with the help of Scott Novatny, Margie Wallace and Elizabeth Kuechenmeister .  Some of the people in this photo are Jenna, Michelle, Jamie Lombardo, Judith Partelow, Zach, Cheryl and Jon Soghomonian,Joe Halloran, Margot Fitsch,
 In the background is Michael Bobrowski with the wheelbarrow. Melissa Sullivan with the cap, Eliot on the left, Jenna would fill the truck using the bobcat with the earth in the driveway, drive it near the roof and those who could would drag the tarp filled with earth onto the roof.
 Some of the helpers at the end of the day, Meghan Perry, and on the bottom right and Kaitlyn Sarazin on the bottom left.  Chris Powicki has the white t-shirt on the right.
 A picture of the Bobcat
 Here is from left to right , Micheal Bobrowski, Ollie Solmitz, Brendan Shea from, Scott Novatny, Chris Powicki,Michelle De Lash in red shirt, Eliot Wells,Kaitlyn Sarazin, Meghan Perry, Jamie Lombardo with Jenna  Halloran behind me.

Now you can see where I landed when I tried wheeling the wheelbarrow.

I would like to get photos from Cape Cod Times (May 29th ) showing Joel Connelly, age 80 digging in his barefeet.
Some other people who helped are my son, Jonathan Kelly, Bill Barnstead, Tony Fitsch, John Lipman and Arena

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi Everyone.  
We are going to do an atypical "barn raising" (Coining Chris P. words)
My helper, Jenna Halloran wrote the attached flyer to appeal to people for help!
I would love to have you here if you are in the area!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hydrotech Root Barrier

Last Friday Brendan, Ian and Ollie installed the root barrier donated by American Hydrotech on top of the waterproofing, then the men recycled the old insulation with one layer as a protection layer and then placed the  American Hydrotech drainage layer.
We all are shown putting a bucket of ceremonial earth on top of the gallery.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gallery update

Today was a big work day at the Underground Art Gallery. Brendan Shea, Mark Winterer and Ian Smith ...all from Recover Green Roofs Inc. were here to work on the waterproof roof.  Oliver(Ollie) Solmitz was here also to share in the work.  I want to thank Nate Griswold from American Hydrotech for donating the root barrier which will be put on soon

1. First Brendan,Mark and Ian checked all the seams with a cotter pin puller to make sure that seams were all tight. They came across about a dozen (hair-diameter size )spaces to seal.
2. Next they covered the stripping seams to be redundant and make sure they were sealed.
3. Then they installed the dark brown drip edge.
4. A pizza break plus some photos of the old pink insulation that will go on the roof after the root barrier that we are hopeful will be done on Wednesday depending upon weather.

Note the brown drip edge on the front of the gallery!

5. After the old pink insulation , then a drainage layer on top of the insulation and THEN THE EARTH. it would be nice if this could take place around UNDERGROUND AMERICA DAY on May 14th.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Installing The Termination Bar

Today Brendan Shea, Pete Reynolds (from Sommerville)Jenna Halloran and Ollie Solmitz are putting a full day of work installing the termination bars. I will get a better photo soon for you to seed the sides. In one photo Brendan is welding the insulation together while some are taking a coffee break. In the other photo,Jenna is leaning over. I took this photo because it is quite the action shot.

Malcolm Wells - Perpetuating His Vision

Deemed the father of modern earth-sheltered architecture, the late Malcolm Wells imagined a future in which society worked with nature, rather than against it. Throughout the restoration of the Underground Art Gallery, those involved are committed to continuing Mr. Wells' work of restoring the earth's surface to a more natural habitat for a sustainable future.

Underground Art Gallery

Underground Art Gallery
Artist's rendering of the Underground Art Gallery in Brewster, MA.